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Australian Made Heat Packs - SHIN BIO - CHEAPEST PRICE - EXPRESS DELIVERY  feel free to browse through our website to get a feel for our unique and practical products. At Mediscope we thrive on providing the best customer service and quality Australian made products at a competitive price.

Our website is a secure site to place your order online. If you need any more information please feel free to give us a call. We are always finding ways to serve you better, if you find anything on our site which can be improved, email us your thoughts info@mediscope.com.au

* Paineze Plus ™

Drug Free Pain Relief at the Press of a Button


PainEze plus™ is a modern, simple to use, electronic pain reliever that works. PainEze plus™ is actually a minature version of larger clinical machines and is just as powerful. In fact, PainEze plus™ is more effective than clinical machines because you can use it anywhere and any time you need it.

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The Super-Heater™ is an amazing heat pack, which provides instant, portable and reusable heat. Anywhere at anytime with just a push of a button, our instant, portable, soothing and reusable heat packs will create what you need for just about any situation.
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Aussie Cool Neck Tie

The Aussie Cool Neckties are worn around the neck or around the forehead to keep cool while working, walking or playing sport. The Aussie cool neck tie contains a Super Absorbent Cooling polymer which hydrates when soaked in water. They expand 400 times their weight and DO NOT DRIP or LEAK water.  The slow evaporation of water (evaporative cooling) will cool your neck and the blood flow to the brain and ensures clearer brain function. » More «

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