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Earlobe Electrodes

This new and improved version features of Earlobe electrodes are high quality with a conductive soft rubber electrode pad to ensure maximum comfort, recommended to be used with a conductive gel, spray, or water, before applying the Ear Clip, to ensure the most effective and comfortable stimulation.

To be clipped onto the ear lobe or auricular points inside the ear lobe or even other flat areas of the ear . Commonly used for, electromyography, diagnostics and stress testing, microcurrent stimulation therapy, Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Cranial Electrotherapy, two ear electrodes are required to complete a circuit .


earlobe electrode


  • Compatible with most EMS & TENS units with push pins
  • Can be used with ActivNatal
  • Can be used with paineze , ActivBody & paineze rechargeable
  • Can be used with sportsmed micro & sportsmed micro rechargeable
  • Can be used with incontrol micro & incontrol micro rechargeable

Using Earlobe Electrodes, with your TENS/EMS or with your Ezistim TENS is a powerful tool for relieving pain in the Head, Neck & Facial region, assisting in Rapid Recovery from Mental & Physical Exertion, inducing Sleep & Easing the Stresses of everyday life.


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