Back & Joint Heat Pack Combo


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This Package Includes

  • Mediscope’s Back Hot & Cold Pack

Soothe pain naturally with Mediscope’s Back Hot & Cold Pack! Ideal for lower back pain and cramps associated with period pain, the Back Hot & Cold Pack is also a must-have for pregnant women and can be used during and after labour. ​

  • Back Bio Ceramic Belt
  • Mediscope’s Sports Heat Pack

Reduce pain and inflammation naturally with Mediscope’s Joints & Sports Hot & Cold Pack. Perfect for athletes, this lightweight pack is a sports-bag essential. Flexible and engineered to fit snugly around limbs and joints, Mediscope’s Joints & Sports Hot & Cold Pack warms with the click of a button for easing pain instantly. It also doubles as a cold pack – simply place it in the freezer!

  • Sports Bio Ceramic Belt
  • Pocket Heat Pack


Mediscope’s Back Hot & Cold Pack 

Common Uses:

  • Soothe back pain
  • Ease discomfort caused by period pain
  • Naturally calm pain during and after labour

Also perfect for:

  • Motorcyclists – makes a lightweight ‘kidney warmer’
  • Travel and camping 
  • Bed warming
  • Heating up baby bottles


Mediscope’s Sports Heat Pack

Common Uses

  • First Aid Kits, arthritis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, RSI
  • Ideal for joints and limbs, hamstrings, ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, 
  • Campers and snowboarders
  • Instrument players
  • Use it inside your sleeping bag while camping for lovely warmth on those cold nights!


Why Mediscope’s Heat & Cold Packs are better:

  • Retains heat better than wheat bags
  • Suitable for all over the body 
  • 40% lighter than wheat bags
  • Allergy, gluten and odour free
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Made from food-grade Sodium Acetate
  • Doubles as a cold pack!
  • 2 Year Australia-wide warranty

1 review for Back & Joint Heat Pack Combo

  1. James

    Bought these packs in Sydney for my mother, so far they have been great!

  2. Peter

    Was a bit sceptical at first, bought it at the Royal Easter Show because my back pain was killing me, I am so glad I bought it as it has been incredible, have used it over 10 times and it has been very convienient as I can wear the heat pack at work with the belt provided .

  3. Shelly

    These are fantastic for areas in pain that you prefer heat on, ie. stomach or muscle pain, great during the winter if you commute through transit.

  4. Vallerie

    We give these to our kids at bedtime during the winter to snuggle up to. They love them.

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