Back & Neck Combo


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This Package Includes

  • Mediscope’s Back Hot & Cold Pack 

Soothe pain naturally with Mediscope’s Back Hot & Cold Pack! Ideal for lower back pain and cramps associated with period pain, the Back Hot & Cold Pack is also a must-have for pregnant women and can be used during and after labour. ​

  • Mediscope’s Neck & Shoulder Hot & Cold Pack

Soothe neck and shoulder pain fast with Mediscope’s Neck & Shoulder Hot & Cold Pack.

Designed to comfortably drape around the neck, shoulders and shoulder-blade area, this popular heat pack is ideal for office workers or anyone who suffers upper back pain.

  • Bio Ceramic Belt for Back Heat Pack
  • Pocket Heat Pack


Mediscope’s Neck & Shoulder Hot & Cold Pack


  • Soothe neck and shoulder pain
  • Ease pain associated with rheumatism, gout, sciatic pain and arthritis
  • Can be used on the stomach and calves as a foot warmer and around ankles
  • General aches and pains
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Can be used as a cold pack!

Also perfect for:

  • Travel and camping 
  • Bed warming
  • Heating up baby bottles


Mediscope’s Back Hot & Cold Pack 


  • Soothe back pain
  • Ease discomfort caused by period pain
  • Naturally calm pain during and after labour

Also perfect for:

  • Motorcyclists – makes a lightweight ‘kidney warmer’
  • Travel and camping 
  • Bed warming
  • Heating up baby bottles


Why Mediscope’s Heat & Cold Packs are better:

  • Retains heat better than wheat bags
  • Suitable for all over the body 
  • 40% lighter than wheat bags
  • Allergy, gluten and odour free
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Made from food-grade Sodium Acetate
  • Doubles as a cold pack!
  • 2 Year Australia-wide warranty

4 reviews for Back & Neck Combo

  1. Stephan

    My wife bought this for me to help with chronic pain at work, pretty amazing how quickly they heat up and last. we have used wheatbags before and they were impossible to use out of the house.

  2. Amber

    My dad who has chronic pain due to arthritis can’t get enough of the “click and heat” heat packs. He likes to spend his time outdoors and we finally found heatpacks to use when out. Also can’t believe how long they last hot!
    Found instructions easy to use and boiling easy too.
    Amazing product worth every cent.

  3. Charlie

    The item is easy to use and works well. The only real drawback is resetting it to use again. You have to immerse it in boiling water to reset it.

  4. Wayne

    Very helpful for managing muscle spasms. Easy to use and reuse. Happy to have something without cords and something that can be used in the event of a power outage.

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