Heat therapy

What does heat therapy do? As explained by university of Rochester Medical centre.

For centuries, heat therapy has been used by different cultures around the globe as as a simple yet effective way to manage your pain and get some relief.   By applying a heap pack, it opens up blood vessels, which increases blood flow and supplies oxygen and nutrients to reduce pain in joints and relax sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The heat pack also decreases muscle spasms and can increase range of motion. Applying external heat to your body can improve the flexibility of tendons and ligaments, reduce muscle spasms, and alleviate pain.

Also known as Thermotherapy, Heat creates higher tissue temperatures, which produces vasodilation that increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients and the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste. Heat therapy has long been associated with comfort and relaxation and stress relief. It can provide both pain relief and healing benefits for many types of pain, including arthritis, muscular aches, migraines and back pain by accelerating natural healing via increased blood circulation. Heat therapy is both inexpensive and easy to use with our Mediscope re-usable Instant Heat Packs.

  • Heat is relaxing.
  • Overworked muscles respond best to heat.
  • Heat stimulates blood flow, relaxes spasms, and soothes sore muscles


Cold therapy

What does Cold therapy do? As explained by university of Rochester Medical centre.

Cold slows down blood flow to an injury, thereby reducing pain and swelling. Cold therapy slows circulation, reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain. It should be used if the area is swollen or bruised.

Ice is believed to aid in control of inflammation and swelling and numbs the injury. This can reduce

fluid build-up in the affected area. It relieves pain, but does not treat the underlying cause.

Also known as cryotherapy, applying cold to a painful area helps constrict blood vessels, also known as vasoconstriction, thereby reducing swelling of the affected area. Avoid leaving cold packs on the skin for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Cold therapy is most effective when begun immediately after an injury such as a muscle strain or sprain. Cold therapy is both inexpensive and easy to use with our Mediscope re-usable Hot and Cold Packs.

  • Apply cold immediately after high-impact exercise or  new injury
  • Always wrap ice packs in a towel or cloth before applying to an affected area.
  • It’s alright to repeatedly ice painful or swollen tissues. However no more than 20 min at a time.
  • Do not use ice in areas with circulation problems.


Why Mediscope?

Don’t be fooled by imitations, Mediscope heat packs are Australian made, medical grade heat packs, manufactured for hospitals and health professionals. Which means,

  • Our heat packs are commercial grade, extremely durable non-allergenic and heats to approved safe temperature.
  • Mediscope Heat Pack contains food grade sodium acetate and a tested disc activator.
  • Don’t be fooled by deceiving pictures on the web. Mediscope heat packs are physically larger, has more sodium acetate, so the heat lasts longer.
  • Mediscope has been selling heat packs for 15 years, and had thousands of happy customers and referred customers.
  • Since we are involved in the manufacturing process, we directly respond to customers input and  take it in to our research and development
  • Millions of dollars of heat packs sold in Australia alone which includes hospitals, nursing homes, phsio’s, chiro’s, Massage therapists, chemotherapy centres and sport clinics
  • All products are backed by a nationwide 2 year warranty, offering a no questions asked, full product replacement, for your peace of mind.


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